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New Year's Day 2022: The Sum of Some

New Year's Day 2022: The Sum of Some

January 02, 2022

How did another year rush by, with days that seemed so long

Some hectic, some fulfilling, some felt right, while others wrong

At times our world was anxious, angry, tired, about to cry

Some trying to make it better, some just struggling to get by

Our lives awash with busyness, juggling family and friends

Some grown apart, some steadfast, some attempting to make amends

We watched our loved ones battling health scares, illnesses, and strife

Some plodding on, some better, some departed from this life 

It helped to lose ourselves in books, find time when we could grab it:

Tim faults Attention Merchants, James broke down Atomic Habits 

Heather adds The Sum of Us, Robin's Braiding Sweetgrass sings   

And Untamed Glennon helped us see that we can do hard things 

The spark of new ideas often sprung from others' words 

Some helpful and inspiring, some misdirected or misheard

We poured our hearts into our work, an endless give and take 

Some plowing forth, some pivoting, some who just needed a break

We felt new aches and pains when things seemed out of our control

Some eased through hugs and laughter, or a quiet evening stroll 

We counted lucky stars to have our eyes, ears, legs or noses

Still—-some forgot to see, listen, or stop to smell the roses

Human beings aren't perfect, we all do the best we can

Some days are grandly empty, others filled with best laid plans

(But if you'll soon retire, or received money from your aunt

Find some time next month to speak with Taea, David or Grant!)

So while you write to-do lists, or plan goals for the new year

Please know you give us purpose—-you're the reason that we're here

We're all in this together: wholes are greater than some parts

We hope you each find love and peace, from the bottom of our hearts

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! 

The Takagi Team