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We offer free consultations and information-gathering sessions to assess your situation. 

The "Maile" and "Wiliwili" platforms are centered around your investment or financial planning needs.*

If our approach is a good fit, we agree upon an action plan tailored to your needs, income, and goals. 

*Scroll to the bottom of this page to view our à la carte solutions, including all lines of personal and commercial property & casualty insurance (home, auto, umbrella, general liability, etc), long term care insurance, and 529 College Savings Plans




  • Are in the accumulation phase of their life
  • Are usually under age 50
  • Desire personalized recommendations beyond online robo-advisors
  • Want to establish and prioritize basic goals
  • Want to get organized or consolidate accounts
  • Want to create structures to help saving become a good habit
  • Like to educate themselves and visit our online Resource Center
  • Take initiative to follow through on our recommendations
  • Are tech-savvy and able to maintain their accounts online
  • Diligently contact us with financial updates every two years, or when significant life events occur (marriages, births/adoptions, deaths, divorces, graduations, career changes, retirements, real estate purchases, inheritances, etc.)


  • Transactional client-advisor relationship
  • Emphasis on self-reliance: utilizing our recommendations to consistently increase savings each year into established structures
  • Phone/email contact on as-needed basis
  • Commission-based 


The Maile plant is found throughout a wide range of climates, from dry cliffs to lush forests. A fast-growing shrub with a long life span, its leaves give off a refreshing and light citrus scent. The maile vine is often worn in open lei form to commemorate big life events in Hawaii like graduations, weddings, baby showers, milestone birthdays, and retirement parties; it is also commonly draped around a loved one's photograph at their memorial service. Source:




  • Are nearing or in retirement (distribution/preservation phases)
  • Are usually over age 50
  • Desire ongoing, comprehensive, personalized guidance
  • Want to more closely monitor portfolio risk levels
  • Want to get organized or consolidate accounts
  • Need help coordinating financial matters beyond investment management (income distribution planning, insurance, health considerations, tax ramifications, estate and legacy planning, charitable inclinations, and more)
  • Want to educate or involve the next generation in financial matters
  • Have at least $250k of personal or household investable assets


  • Ongoing financial planning relationship based on life goals and legacy wishes
  • Enhanced portfolio monitoring using risk-based technology and analyses
  • Designed to support the challenges of retirement and aging through regular assessments and coordination of resources
  • Optional facilitated discussions with your estate planning attorney, CPA/accountant, business associates, or beneficiaries
  • Proactive meeting scheduling and reminders
  • Increased cost transparency, as shown on quarterly statements
  • Fee-based 
  • By invitation only (note: younger clients who are looking for a comprehensive, organized, proactive, and ongoing financial planning relationship may also find this enhanced platform attractive)
  • See Comprehensive Platform Details below for more information


The Wiliwili tree is extremely resilient to drought, wind and heat, and can grow to more than 50 feet tall, even in these difficult conditions. Early Hawaiians prized the lightweight wood for making surfboards. It is one of the few native deciduous trees found in Hawaii, facing constant growth, loss, impermanence, and transition, shedding dark green leaves before its colorful flowers bloom again each spring and summer. Despite this resiliency, the Wiliwili is at risk of becoming an endangered species, so careful planning, coordination, and ongoing monitoring needs to be done to ensure that future generations may enjoy this beautiful tree. Source:


Ongoing, comprehensive financial advice: tailored to your needs and values, our discussions may incorporate retirement income planning, investment strategies, debt management, childcare or education savings, tax considerations, life/disability insurance, property/casualty insurance, personal liability coverage, long term care and elder issues, estate and legacy planning, ESG (environmental, social, governance) preferences, charitable inclinations, and more.

Enhanced portfolio development and monitoring: we utilize innovative technology to target and monitor desired levels of risk within a portfolio. We aim to balance our clients’ comfort levels with the actual risk levels recommended, based on age, lifestyle, current savings, and goals. The Takagi & Takagi investment committee meets quarterly, adding an additional layer of oversight to the professionally-managed portfolios. We monitor the desired level of risk and make necessary updates while tracking investment results against specific mid- and long-term goals.

Increased cost transparency: annualized fee, calculated and automatically deducted quarterly, based on percentage of assets under management, and shown on quarterly statements; this fee decreases as more household assets are accumulated. Costs cover all technology platforms and services provided by Takagi & Takagi, Advisor Group/Royal Alliance, and NWF Advisory, our independent RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). The majority of our advisory clients pay quarterly fees that are consistently below the national average.

Proactive approach: we remind you when it’s time for your annual review, strive to anticipate needs, and build related questions into each subsequent discussion.

Next-Gen Education: optional educational sessions provided to the next generation. Topics may include basic saving and investing concepts, debt management, behavioral finance, or how to create good habits using cost-efficient and automatic structures in order to reach short-, mid-, and long-term goals. Also offered are optional facilitated discussions with your children or beneficiaries regarding legacy, inheritance, health, and other estate planning issues (see “Connecting” below if you require specific legal advice and need to update/create legal documents).

Connecting you with other professionals: optional facilitated discussions with your estate planning attorney, accountant/CPA, business coach, etc. We are happy to work with your preferred professional advisors; we do not compensate anyone for referrals given to us, nor do we receive any compensation when making outward referrals to other professionals.

Encrypted security: our document management system keeps important client documents in one secure place for your convenience (wills, trusts, deeds, insurance policies, health care directives, Powers of Attorney, completed and filed tax returns, etc). Emails with personal identifying information like account numbers are sent via an encrypted transmittal process (email encryption and advanced security features are also provided to our Basic Platform clients).


Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance
  • Tax-free payouts
  • Preserves assets 
  • Protects your family
  • At-home, community, or facility care
  • Hybrid or stand alone
  • Single or Joint Life

Contact us to inquire about insurability, costs, and options

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Property & Casualty Insurance

Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Automobile
  • Homeowners
  • Hurricane
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Umbrella
  • Renters
  • Worker's Compensation
  • General Liability

Contact us to inquire about proper coverage

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529 College Savings Plans

529 College Savings Plans
  • Tax benefits
  • Transferable within family
  • Encourages learning
  • 5-year election benefits
  • $10k high school tuition limit

Contact us for help with college savings projections; always consult your college and tax advisors

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  • Tax deferral benefits
  • Creation of lifetime income
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Immediate or Deferred
  • Fixed or Variable

Contact us with questions. Not often recommended for younger clients; always review costs, surrender periods, and policy features

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